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FabFalcon Plasma Pen™ Skin Tag Remover

Get Your Confidence Back!

Say Goodbye To Freckles, Warts, Skin Tags, And Moles Once And For All.

The new plasma pen is gentle & effective. It is designed to clean your skin quickly & painlessly.














Save Hundreds On Dermatology Visits

The going rate for a "cheaper" dermatologist is typically between $100 and $170 per visit. An "expensive" dermatologist might charge upwards of $200.



Safe & Effective

Our customers just love the Plasma Pen treatment – and the stunning results it delivers.  



Get Beautiful Skin Again

Let’s face it – moles, skin tags & warts are unsightly, bothersome & even embarrassing. The New Premium Pen provides a safe, easy, and effective alternative for clearing out unwanted skin tags and imperfections without the hefty cost of a dermatologist.

In simple terms; our Plasma Pen tool converts electrical energy into electrostatic energy to create artificial nitrogen plasma.

Very simply, our Plasma Pen device is able to safely remove unwanted skin marks and tags, rejuvenate and regenerate practically any area of the skin. It is a cost-effective & highly compelling alternative to most other dermatological procedures you may know – including most (if not all) elective cosmetic surgery procedures.



Is Removal Process Painless & Scar-less?

We Get It 

The idea of mole removal can be intimidating to some. While you want to enjoy clear skin, you’re not exactly prepared to undergo the unknown and discomfort associated with mole removal.

The Procedure Heals Fast, Leaves No Scars

"Having just experienced mole removal for not just one but six moles for the first time I can tell you that’s it really isn’t as scary as it sounds".





“I was really surprised at how easy the whole process was. I had been agonizing over whether to have a mole on my face removed but was scared of leaving a scar. Although my dermatologist told me it might take 2-3 months for my scar to settle down it has already disappeared after 4 weeks and it didn’t hurt at all. On top of all, the mole remover pen had saved hundreds of dollars." 









"While it can be disappointing if a first date doesn’t turn into a second one, especially if your mind wandered to thinking of your insecurities related to your less than perfect skin.

Our product will make you feel more comfortable while delivering the joy of quick & visible results from the comfort of your home. The pen is designed to utilize fractional laser energy to breaks down skin tissues quickly and efficiently.


There is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on doctor visits when it can all be done for the fraction of the cost from the comfort of your own home.




Easy Instructions

The Premium Remover Pen is easy to use – Simply clean your face, sterilize the needles and affected area with alcohol, gently sweep the device over the section of skin. After using, allow your skin to heal.

9 levels of intensity, the high-tech pen can be adjusted to treat various skin conditions. The lower levels are recommended for age spots & freckles. The stronger levels are designed for skin tags & moles.

The full recovery period can take up to three weeks. We recommend not to consume ginger, soy or beef during this time as these products can affect the healing process.






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